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About CTC Tune Up

About CTC Tune Up
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CTC can be purchased at
Bryson Auto Parts, Inc.
Bryson Auto Parts is celebrating 53 years in business!
If you are a retail store or outlet or want to buy in bulk, call us for wholesale prices.   CTC comes in 8 oz. plastic bottles/ 24 to a case.  You may also be eligible for quantity discounts.
We also sell CTC to the general public at fair retail price!
See our HOME PAGE for current pricing!

Information About CTC Tune Up:

  • CTC is an additive that helps folks do their car tune up without using a mechanic.
  • CTC has been tested and proven as a consumer's product.
  • CTC is non-corrosive.
  • CTC is a single product that saves consumers time and money.
  • CTC removes gum, carbon, varnish, and tar.  Stops leaks, noise, rough shifting by expanding old shrunken automatic transmission and power steering seals.
  • Frees valves lifters and cleans fuel systems.
  • CTC was chemically engineered to expand hardened, shrunken, old or worn neoprene transmission, rear main and power steering seals.
  • CTC was engineered to effectively disperse the various contaminations in automatic transmissions. 
  • CTC restores smooth operation by keeping all working parts clean.

How you may use CTC Tune Up:

  • Simply add one 8 ounce bottle in gas tank and it cleans the carburetor and the entire fuel system including the fuel injection system.
  • One 8 ounce bottle in crankcase or oil and it cleans the crankcase and eliminates lifter noises.  It also treats front and rear main seals to eliminate immediate repairs.
  • One 8 ounce bottle in transmission and it eliminates fluid leakage around worn and hardened seals, and improves rough shifting. Also cleans clutches and valve body.
  • Add 3-4 ounces to power steering and it "enlarges" hardened seals to prevent fluid leakage & also stops noise.
  • Pour in carburetor slowly while engine is running, for tune up.  CTC will dissolve carbon and varnish deposits while it smooths engine idle.


Spend a few dollars......

It is like putting money in the bank!


One Bottle.... Does it all!

How to Order:

  • You may call and place an order at 706-778-2236
  • If not in a big hurry, (email may not be checked often), you may email
  • You may mail in your order and have us call you.
  • You may fax your order to 706-776-1309


Sales Manager - KIM BRYSON

Great Service!  And Quality at Fair Prices !


Kim Bryson